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The league age for softball the age of a softball player as of Dec. 31 of the previous year will be that player’s league age for the season.  As an example if a player turns 10 on Dec 15th (of the PREVIOUS year), that player would be considered league age 10.  However, if the player turns 10 on February 15 of the playing year, she would be considered 9, since she was 9 on December 31.

Rookie Softball
Rookie Softball Division (Coach Pitch) of SBLL shall consist of player members who are league age seven (7) and eight (8). The Rookie Softball Division is primarily designed for players league age 7 and 8; a player member who is league age six (6) and has had one year of Tee-ball experience may wish to enroll at this level of play.

Minor Softball 
9-12 Major/Minor League – The Major/Minor League Softball division of SBLL shall consist of players who are league age nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11) and twelve (12). The 9-12 League is broken into two divisions: Minors and Majors. Prior to the start of the season, all players must participate in a skills assessment.

(i) Minor League Softball – will consist of member players not selected in the Major player draft. Teams in this division will be made up of player’s league age 9 through 11. The Softball Player Agent will form the teams and every effort will be made to balance the player skill level equally among the teams. Requests for placement on specific teams will be allowed.

Majors Softball 
Major League Softball – will consist of member players who have participated in the skills assessment and are subsequently selected in the player draft. These players can be league age 10 through 12. If a player was selected as a Major player in the previous year, that player will remain in the Major level and will have to go through the assessment. 100% of 12 year olds must be in the Major Division.

Juniors Softball
This is the highest level of “competitive” softball in Little League and  shall consist of players age thirteen (13) to fifteen (15). Due to the low number of players at this level the district (district II) has decided to combine the junior and senior leagues. As with Majors, the players will attend a tryout where coaches will evaluate and determine which players to draft to the Junior/Senior level.

 * League age for softball is based on the player’s age as of Dec. 31st of the prior year. For example, if a player is 12 on Dec. 31st 2006 then they are league age 12 for all of 2007.

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